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Any individual or company may face a prosecution by the environment agency for a large number of offences. It should be noted that these are prosecuted in the criminal Court and are regarded as criminal offences if a person or business is convicted. At professional defence lawyers we have over 20 years experience of defending people and businesses facing a wide range of prosecutions for offences of this nature.

Where businesses are involved, the prosecution by the Environment Agency will usually relate to pollution or harm done to land or rivers caused by alleged breaches of the regulations regarding the disposal of waste products, fuel or other noxious substances.

Under prosecutions will normally be under either the Environmental protection Act 1990 the Water Resources Act 1991.

Environmental Penalties

This will very much depend upon the level of the seriousness of any environment agency offence. The penalty will nearly always include a financial penalty. One should note that these fines can and regularly do go as high as £50,000. For this reason it is vital that you have a specific, dedicated and experienced defence legal team to fully protect your interest in environment agency prosecutions.

Environmental Defence

Depending upon the level of the breach of Environment Agency rules, the case will be dealt with at either the magistrate’s court or crown court. You can rest assured that at Professional Defence lawyers we have access to some of the countries most experienced barristers who are extremely capable to best protect your interests in cases of this nature anywhere in England or Wales. We will ensure that every effort is made to protect the interests of the individual or company facing any charges brought by the environment agency.

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