Charged with Assault

Are you being Charged with Assault?

If you have been Charged with Assault Professional Defence Lawyers can help. We are a dedicated Assault Defence firm headed by Rob Bimpson and Tim Chapman. Both are Solicitors who have been qualified for over 20 years.

Assault Sentencing

If a person is guilty of assault occasion in actual bodily harm the powers of the court are wide. The courts can impose a period of imprisonment, which in the Crown Court can be up to 5 years. Alternatively the courts will impose a fine, a community order or a suspended prison sentence.

The reality is that in the majority of assault cases a prison sentence is not imposed. This is especially the case if the defendant has no previous convictions, the offence was not premeditated and there are no aggravating features such as kicking an individual whilst they are on the ground.

Because the offence is serious and the consequences potentially so serious to the defendant, it is vital that high level specialist experienced defence lawyers represent the defendant charged in such circumstances.

Assault Defence

At professional defence lawyers you will only be advised by a Solicitor with at least 20 years experience regarding Assault. At court you will be represented by the by a Solicitor or Barrister of the appropriate level of experience and knowledge.

If you are being Charged with Assault then experienced Assault Lawyers are essential.

FAQ: What will be the Cost?

We understand that the cost of instructing a solicitor is something that can be a major concern. In order to prevent this worry we will tell you at the outset of your case exactly what our fixed fee will be for your case. Any fee agreed will be clearly advised and will include the cost of all aspects of your case including advice, preparation and representation at court. This means complete peace of mind for you when having us deal with your case.

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