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This is an offence under section 47 of the Offences Against the Person Act. This provides that a person is guilty of an offence if any assault results in injury causing actual bodily harm.

The definition of assault is quite wide. This usually involves people who have been involved in some form of fighting or altercation. It does not happen to be just kicks or punches at camp for example, but can include any injury caused by a person to another.

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Where an assault has taken place which has caused a far more serious injury then a person will face a prosecution for wounding causing Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH).

These are more serious assaults where a more serious injury has been caused which will usually involve cuts and broken bones or other serious physical harm.

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Are you being charged with Assault? Our professional Specialist Assault Solicitors can help.

The definition of assault is quite wide. This usually involves people who have been involved in some form of fighting or altercation.

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Serious Assault Charges

Here at Professional Defence Lawyers we are experienced in advising and defending Serious Assault Charges. Our team have been working with Serious Assault Charges for over 20 years.

Serious Assault Charges

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In English law, there is a distinction between Assault and Battery, which means you can be charged for either one depending on the circumstances. In general terms, assault is the apprehension of the possibility of immediate unlawful violence whilst battery is the infliction of such violence.

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We represented a manufacturing company who had a large factory with extensive machinery. An employee of the company expressed a breach of safety guidelines which had been put in place…


"PDL successfully defended us in court and achieved a not guilty verdict when one of our employees was injured. PDL were able to see that the worker didn’t follow the strict H&S procedures we have put in place and their expertise in this area helped us to prove our innocence."


"Our corporate client faced a Health and Safety Executive prosecution. An in depth investigation was carried out into a large number of allegedly defective heaters which our client had manufactured… "


"Professional Defence Lawyers were able to massively reduce the extent and level of seriousness of the health and safety prosecution we faced. They were outstanding throughout, and significantly reduced our financial penalty"