Specialist Assault Solicitors

Specialist Assault Solicitors

Are you being charged with Assault? Our professional Specialist Assault Solicitors can help. Contact us today on 0800 634 7022 to discuss your options, or fill out our online contact form

The definition of assault is quite wide. This usually involves people who have been involved in some form of fighting or altercation. It does not happen to be just kicks or punches at camp for example, but can include any injury caused by a person to another.

Occasionally, this can include things like causing an injury by deliberately driving a motor at another person, deliberately infecting them with an illness or even shouting or threatening them so seriously that harm to them is caused.

For the best defence experienced, Specialist Assault Solicitors are essential.

Our Specialist Assault Solicitors

Unlike many other law firms you will only ever be advised by a senior solicitor. Both Rob Bimpson and Tim Chapman have been qualified as solicitors for over 20 years and have handled numerous assault defence cases.

Rob Bimpson
Rob Bimpson is widely regarded as having extensive knowledge and experience in defending a vast amount of criminal prosecutions. He has extensive experience of representing clients being prosecuted for offences of assault and violence. He cares passionately about the interest of his clients and is regarded as a very persuasive Court advocate.

Tim Chapman
Tim Chapman is regarded by those both in the profession and out of it as having a wide knowledge and experience of all aspects of the criminal law. He has a keen attention to detail and is a fine and established Court advocate.

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The Full Legal Team
Our Specialist Assault Solicitors have established a working relationship with some of the finest barristers in the country. Should any proceedings require representation by a barrister you can rest assured that only those barristers that we feel will give you the very best assistance will be incorporated into the legal team.

Our Specialist Assault Solicitors realise that it is our job to look after your best interests. We assure you that we will use our very best efforts on your behalf at all times.

These may be very anxious times. Although our Specialist Assault Solicitors are specialised we also pride ourselves on being approachable. We realise that it is our job to provide our clients with as much support as possible throughout the course of the case and we make sure that we are readily contactable at such times as we may be required by our clients throughout the course of any case.

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Our Specialist Assault Solicitors can help with your Assault Defence so get in contact today or fill in our free Assault Defence Assessment.

FAQ: What is Common Assault Defence?

There are certain circumstances where the law permits an individual to cause harm to another person without that amounting to a criminal offence. This will usually include situations where a person has been acting in self-defence. Very often injury can be caused to somebody else by accident. If the court accepts this it may find you not guilty of assault.

We also come across a large number of situations where the assault just did not take place in the first place

In prosecution cases of this nature it is vital that a very proactive approach to defence is taken. See our Common Assault Defence page for more information.

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Rob BimpsonProfessional Defence Lawyers is a dedicated defence firm of specialist Lawyers headed by Rob Bimpson and Tim Chapman. Both are Solicitors who have been qualified for over 20 years.

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Case Studies

We represented a manufacturing company who had a large factory with extensive machinery. An employee of the company expressed a breach of safety guidelines which had been put in place…


"PDL successfully defended us in court and achieved a not guilty verdict when one of our employees was injured. PDL were able to see that the worker didn’t follow the strict H&S procedures we have put in place and their expertise in this area helped us to prove our innocence."


"Our corporate client faced a Health and Safety Executive prosecution. An in depth investigation was carried out into a large number of allegedly defective heaters which our client had manufactured… "


"Professional Defence Lawyers were able to massively reduce the extent and level of seriousness of the health and safety prosecution we faced. They were outstanding throughout, and significantly reduced our financial penalty"